Beat the Credit Crunch with H&H, your local independent pawnbrokers.

Pawnbroking is an way of raising money using your jewellery, watches or other items of value as security. Bring in your jewellery or watch, we'll appraise the items and tell you how much we would be prepared to lend against them. You then decide how much you would like to borrow, complete the paperwork and receive your cash. Your valuables will be securely stored in our safes or strong room until you redeem them.

The contract is for seven months and interest is added to the amount loaned to you over the seven months, the earlier you redeem your valuables the less interest is added. We can provide a breakdown of repayment amounts over the course of the loan, so you’ll know exactly the amount of interest that's being added to the amount we loaned you.

H&H Pawnbrokers offer competitive rates, complete confidentiality and a warm and friendly welcome.

For more information on alternatives to pawnbroking visit www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk

H&H is a member of the National Pawnbrokers Association.

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Jewellery can either be in beautiful condition or broken and bent, we don't mind which, even odd ear rings & cuff links can be used as security towards a loan.

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